Vendor spotlight: Stapleton Floral Design

When it comes to transforming a venue for a wedding ceremony, there are few decorations or designs out there – no matter how expensive or intricate – that will have such a stunning, breathtaking impact on a room as a professional floral display. 

This luxury Boston florist has catered to countless weddings in the local area, after 25 years in the business, providing ornate, exquisite arrangements to make Boston’s weddings beautiful. Recently, these guys even had the unbelievable honor of providing JAY-Z and Beyonce with their flowers to adorn the Green Room at the Gillette Stadium. 

Flowers breathe so much life, romance and sentiment into a venue, and they are a traditional, natural bespoke design touch that is really quite unique to weddings. 

Not only do they add a classical touch of romance to a ceremony, but these arrangements are your opportunity to add something to your ceremony that is entirely unique to you. Incorporate your favorite types of flowers (roses, peonies, lilies, or even wildflowers to add a stunning boho effect), foliage and greenery, in any color you could possibly imagine.

Whether it be a subtle and classically elegant natural touch, or if you prefer a more bold and dramatic design to make your outfit pop and fill your venue with vibrancy. The magnificent, intricately detailed displays and bouquets that Stapleton Floral Design creates for its clients will complete your venue and outfit alike absolutely perfectly. 

Have a browse through their website to see their floral arrangements from featured weddings, and get a sense of their signature style. You can see from this online portfolio just how much they are able to tailor-make these ornate floral displays and bouquets, in order to create a bespoke design for each of their guests. These beautiful designs capture the essence of each couple and their signature aesthetics wonderfully.

At Boston Entertainment Group, we’re all about making your wedding ceremony absolutely unforgettable. We can provide our guests with sensational entertainment and bespoke, innovative lighting designs that make for a wonderful display to take your reception to the next level. Combine this with the romantic touch that Stapleton Design’s floral adornments and these stunning additional features for your chosen venue will make for a picture-perfect and unforgettable wedding ceremony. 

If you’d like to learn a bit more about how we can work alongside you, as well as other external vendors, to provide you with these creative, dramatic decor features and fantastic high-energy entertainment to make the day’s celebrations extra-special, just get in touch. We’d be delighted to speak to you about how we can work with you and tailor our services to meet your needs perfectly.